Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Berwyn Vehicle Stickers Now Available for Purchase

The City of Berwyn is currently selling vehicle stickers. Residents will begin receiving renewals in the mail beginning May 14th. Each renewal letter will contain an ID# which can be used to purchase your renewals online at . Buy early for discounts. 5% early bird discount for purchase between 5/15 – 5/31. An additional 10% discount for on-line and mail-in purchases by June 20th. Attached is a price list indicating discounts.

New Vehicle Registration: To register a new vehicle, this can be done in person at City Hall or the Police Department, or per mail (to receive additional discount). For any new vehicle, a copy of your vehicle State of Illinois registration is necessary. Attached is an application and a list of vehicle sticker prices.

Vehicle Sticker 2018 FAQ [Read More]

Vehicle Sticker Application [Click Here]

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